Young David

The Young David books encourage us to read between the lines of what the Bible tells us about David’s early years. The light-hearted and beautifully illustrated pictures will delight parents and children alike, regardless of religious conviction.

Here’s a short clip of author Fiona Veitch Smith talking about the inspiration for the series:

David and the Hairy Beast

david-and-the-hairy-beastThe first in the Young David series of Bible stories for children aged 3-7 about the childhood of King David.

David’s dad gives him a very important job to do. But can the shepherd boy overcome his fear of the Hairy Beast to save the flock?

David and the Hairy Beast gently explores the issue of a young child’s sense of identity and belonging in the family, showing how even they can make a positive contribution.

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David and the Kingmaker

david-and-the-kingmakerThe second book in the Young David series.

The prophet Samuel is looking for the next king of Israel. Will he find him on David’s farm?

David and the Kingmaker examines the vital issue of self-worth, and reminds children that good character is far more important than good looks, brains, talent or popularity. Through his encounter with the prophet Samuel, David catches a glimpse of how God sees him, and of his amazing future as king of Israel.

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David and the Giant

david-and-the-giantThe third book in the Young David series.

When the whole army of Israel is too scared to fight a giant, will young David be any braver? David must draw on his experience of seeing off the Hairy Beast to deal with a far greater foe.

In this retelling of the familiar story of David’s encounter with Goliath, children are taught that any problem can be overcome if we approach it with courage, self-belief, and faith in God.

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David and the Lonely Prince

david-and-the-lonely-princeThe fourth book in the Young David series.

David is invited to a sleepover at King Saul’s palace. But will David and the king’s son ever become friends?

David and the Lonely Prince shows us that for many children, learning to make friends can be a challenge.

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David and the Grumpy King

david-and-the-grumpy-kingThe fifth book in the Young David series.

When David agrees to spend a holiday with his best friend Jonathan, he never imagines he will have to run away from a spear-throwing king.

In this age-appropriate retelling of the Bible story of when Saul tries to kill David with a spear, children learn about the faithfulness of God, the value of friendship and the need to forgive our enemies.

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David and the Never-Ending Kingdom

david-and-the-never-ending-kingdomThe sixth and final book in the Young David series.

In this final adventure, David is transported forward in time to the little town of Bethlehem, which has just witnessed the birth of a new King. But all is not well in Israel and it is not long before David is called upon to once more stand up to the terrible Hairy Beast – this time in order to save the baby Jesus.

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