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Praise for the Young David books

A superb series for primary school children about David. It stirred my own limp faith, let alone my three-year-old’s burgeoning spirituality … so well does the author understand the modern child.

– Jemima Thackeray, The Church Times

David and the Hairy Beast is a wonderful book, which I read last night with my 7-year-old daughter. Imaginative, funny, clear and with a simple but perfect message for that age (for any age, in fact). Clever stuff, much appreciated. Gorgeous cute illustrations too. I publish Christian books for grown-ups; if I did children’s books I’d be keen on taking this on.

– David Moloney, managing editor, DLT Publishers

The Young David Books are absolutely delightful! The words and illustrations compliment each other beautifully and the different sizes and shapes of font enhance them both. The sheep on every page are pure fun and don’t detract from the fact that these stories are told as near to the Bible story as is possible for this age group.

– Mary Bartholomew, The Goodbookstall

A wonderful introduction into the early life of one of the Bible’s great heroes. Insightful writing and fantastic illustrations.

– Geoff Brown, Scripture Union

David and the Hairy Beast has been written and illustrated with great humour and would be great to read aloud as well as being enjoyed by those reading alone. The book introduces David as a boy of nearly seven, and young children will identify with his feelings of frustration at being too small to be allowed to do grown-up things.

– Vicki Howie, children’s author

The Young David books are an absolute joy. The storytelling is beautiful and perfect for young children. The interpretations of David’s childhood are brought to life wonderfully by the charming illustrations … sure to delight children and adults alike.

– Matt and Vicky Dunn, Associate Pastors, HRock Church, Pasadena, California

I endorse these books wholeheartedly and recommend that every Sunday school, playgroup and family get themselves a set. Five stars out of five for each one.

– The Revd Philip S. Davies, former Chairman Association of Christian Writers

Praise for the Young Joseph books

Fiona Veitch Smith and Andy Catling have done an excellent job with Joseph. The text is fun, accessible and imaginative, yet still faithful to the biblical story. And best of all there are cows!

– Bob Hartman, bestselling children’s author

Full of fun and humour, books that parents and children alike will reach for again and again.

– Amy Robinson, storyteller and children’s author

Lively, fresh and inventive retellings, these fabulous tales of the young Joseph are an absolute delight.

– Alexa Tewkesbury, award-winning children’s author