• Joseph is his father's favourite - but isn't very popular with his brothers! His dad gives him a Rainbow Robe to cheer him up.

    Book 1 of the Young Joseph series.

  • Joseph’s brothers grow more and more jealous, and end up doing something really mean to him...

    Book 2 of the Young Joseph series.

  • Joseph finds himself in Egypt and is sold as a slave to a very important man. He gets on well with his new boss, but the boss's wife is a different matter...

    Book 3 of the Young Joseph series.

  • David’s dad gives him a very important job to do. But can the shepherd boy overcome his fear of the Hairy Beast to save the flock?

    Book 1 of the Young David series.

  • The prophet Samuel is looking for the next king of Israel. Will he find him on David’s farm?

    Book 2 of the Young David series.

  • When the whole army of Israel is too scared to fight a giant, will young David be any braver? David must draw on his experience of seeing off the Hairy Beast to deal with a far greater foe.

    Book 3 of the Young David series.

  • David is invited to a sleepover at King Saul’s palace. But will David and the king’s son ever become friends?

    Book 4 of the Young David series.

  • When David agrees to spend a holiday with his best friend Jonathan, he never imagines he will have to run away from a spear-throwing king.

    Book 5 of the Young David series.

  • In this final adventure, David is transported forward in time to the little town of Bethlehem, which has just witnessed the birth of a new King. But all is not well in Israel and it is not long before David is called upon to once more stand up to the terrible Hairy Beast – this time in order to save the baby Jesus.

    Book 6 of the Young David series.

The Young David and Young Joseph picturebooks are published by SPCK. They creatively engage young children with the early lives of two of the Bible’s great heroes: David and Joseph. The stories are written to appeal to 21st children and help them deal with real issues in their lives including sibling rivalry, bullying and fear of the unknown. Wittily written and illustrated – with scene-stealing cows and sheep accompanying our young heroes on their adventures - the stories are guaranteed to warm hearts and tickle funny bones.
A superb series for primary school children about David. It stirred my own limp faith, let alone my three-year-old’s burgeoning spirituality … so well does the author understand the modern child.
– Jemima Thackeray, The Church Times.
Fiona Veitch Smith and Andy Catling have done an excellent job with Joseph. The text is fun, accessible and imaginative, yet still faithful to the biblical story. And best of all there are cows!
– Bob Hartman, bestselling children’s author.